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    Professional strength

    Our sculpture focuses on the sculpture industry, especially good at designing stainless steel sculptures, glass steel sculptures, bronze sculptures, cartoon doll sculptures, and producing our own processing plants. With strong comprehensive strength, we are well-known in Xiamen's sculpture landscape industry.

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    Complete variety

    The company is widely involved in metal sculptures, stone sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, glass steel sculptures, bronze sculptures, urban landscape sculptures, garden landscape sculptures, iconic sculptures, campus sculptures, weathering steel sculptures, artwork sculptures, installation sculptures, glass steel props and other plastic arts. Design and construction can meet various customer needs.

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    Craft quality

    It has a highly skilled design and production professional team, rich industry experience, sophisticated manufacturing equipment, and meticulous craftsmanship. The works are spread all over the country and many provinces, cities and regions, and are well recognized by customers.

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    After-sales service

    Respond to customer questions in a timely manner, determine treatment measures based on the actual situation, and maintain long-term services by service personnel to better solve problems for customers.

New Products

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    Personalized design

    According to the needs of customers, personalized design plans

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    Made with heart

    Carefully carved to create unique sculptures for you

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    Professional team

    Have a production factory and a team with strong technical force

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About Us

Xiamen Ingenuity Yuanhang Sculpture Engineering Co., Ltd. is an innovative company integrating space art, landscape sculpture supporting engineering construction and production, including sculpture art design, production and installation. With excellent design and production team, has many elite sculpture, design talent and professional construction team, the company’s main personnel are graduated from well-known art schools, the company has always been “quality first, excellence” as the core value, through our professional level and unremitting efforts to establish the image of the company. The company is committed to meet the needs of customers at different levels, so that customers can get the most innovative, the most unique, the most creative design and quality services at the most affordable prices.

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